Friday, September 21, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #38

Okay, so the Dutch Boy wasn't Dutch.

What was the model's address in 1930?


Michael Edward Brady
born: 25 July 1897.
In 1930 [census] living at:
383 Lincoune? Ave, West New Brighton, NY, occupation "cartoonist". He later moved to California for his health where he died of a heart attack at the age of 43.


Looks like he was a NJ boy, but according to THIS census he wasn't Irish.

In 1930 he was living at 383 Livermore Ave in Richmond NY

1930 Richmond District 156 Richmond Co NY Census
Livermore Ave
383 4 4 Bruce,Robert H head m w 35 m 23 VT VT VT
, Helen F? wife f w 23 m 21 NH NH NH ? Traffic Manager
,Richard son m w 9 s NY VT NH
, Jean daughter f w 1 11/12 NY VT NH
Brady, Michael boarder m w 32 m 25 NJ England NJ Cartoonist
, Marie boarder f w 5 s NY NJ NY
, Robert boarder m w 3 s NY NJ NY
,Gerold boarder m w 2 s NY NJ NY
Succiarelli, Emma servant f w 21 s NY Italy Germany

Here's an interesting site:

Drew Smith

The news stories indicate that Brady was an Irish kid from Montclair, New Jersey, when he was discovered in 1907. In 1930, he would have been a cartoonist working in Brooklyn.

A look at the 1910 census for Montclair, New Jersey shows a 13-year-old Michael Brady, born in New Jersey, with an Irish father. So this gives us a birth year of approximately 1897.

A search of the 1930 census for New York for a Michael Brady born in New Jersey around 1897 finds a 32-year-old cartoonist, born in New Jersey, living as a boarder with his 3 children in the household of Robert and Helen Bruce. The address is 383 Livermore Avenue, West New Brighton, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York.


Yes, he was living at 383 Livermore Avenue, West New Brighton on Staten Island.

The street name on the census was difficult to read, but was legible on other pages. Though not relevant to this challenge, Steve Morse has a page of street name changes for Staten Island, and for other localities.


Hey Chris,
Your Challenge idea has been ripped off. They are giving away money credits for their challenge. Will you follow suit?


(Here's a clickable link.)

Is it really a challenge when they tell people exactly where to find the answer? Finding the right path to the answer is part of the fun, and requiring use of multiple resources makes it a real challenge.

As for cash rewards, abject poverty prevents me from offering any. Genealogy is its own reward, right?

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