Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #43

Amedeo Obici—co-founder of the Planters Peanut Company—was honored Saturday in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. No less than two Mr. Peanuts attended.

When and where did he become a naturalized citizen of the United States?


Judging by information gleaned from the census records, all roads lead to Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, PA. Later census records indicate he was naturalized in 1900 and he was in Wilkes-Barre in June of that year. However, at the time of the census, he apparently had not yet received his papers. Since naturalization was a multi-year process, from the time of application and petition, until being granted citizenship, and since this guy was moving between Scranton, Suffolk, VA, and Wilkes-Barre, I'm going to punt. Not sure and can't find proof.


I had found the same 1920 census that said Obici was naturalized in 1900. I've checked PA, NY and anything I can think of. I don't see it either. You're the mightiest on this one.


Aside from the census, what other online records might (occasionally) include the date of naturalization?


Washington June 25 1932
according to a passenger list for
SS Saturna sailing from Trieste Sept. 7th 1932
arriving NY Sept 22 1932

here's the Ancestry Link:




Got it. Ship manifest says he was naturalized in Luzerne County in 1902. It only took two minutes from the time I read the last clue.


I notice the 1930 ship manifest says Amedeo was naturalized in 1902, but the 1937 manifest says 1901. The latter record also says he was naturalized at the District Court in "Workerbury", which I talk to be a corruption of Wilkes-Barre, right?

Professor Dunham might have to give credit for both answers, or all three if someone submits the census date, which says he was naturalized in 1900.


Voting or military records?


Found some ship records. He did a lot of travelling between Italy and the US (and other places). A trip on the Vulania departing Triesk Italy and arriving 29 Jul 1930 shows Luzerne Co PA 1902 in the naturalization column, however, another trip from France on the Queen Mary 4 Oct 1937 shows a date of 4 Oct 1937. It's not clear whether these are Passport dates or naturalization dates.
His home address is Suffolk VA for these trips.


Also, this guy registered for WWI and WWII (neither registration showed his naturalization date) He was in his 60's for the WWII registration!!

Drew Smith

Passenger lists.

When Amedeo Obici arrived in New York from Trieste on the Vulcania on 29 July 1930, he had to list where and when he had been naturalized. According to that list, it was in 1902 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


I'll give each of you credit for answering this one.

I'm leaning toward Luzerne County in 1901-2, though the passenger lists give a number of conflicting dates and places. Some of these probably refer to passports held by Amedeo, as they are usually dated a few months before his return to America.

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