Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #44

This challenge comes from Genealogue reader Debbie Atchley. It concerns American civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks, who was executive head of the NAACP from 1977 to 1992. His paternal grandmother was the second black woman in the U.S. to graduate from college.

When did she marry his paternal grandfather?

An extra credit challenge from me: When did she marry her previous husband?

Drew Smith

1876 and 1872?



This is the right woman, but the dates are wrong. and the name of her first husband isn't quite right.


Julia A Britton married John D Werles Jr on Jan 6 1875 in Washington County Mississippi
(MS marriage index on Ancestry)

He died of Yellow Fever in 1876

On Jan, 20 1880 Julia Werles married Charles Hooks in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee


Yes! Her first marriage is indexed here and in the IGI. Her second is recorded here (requires TIFF viewer).

Her first husband must have been the "Jno. D. Worls" living in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1870, a "State Librarian," 21, born in Ohio.

Thanks for the challenge, Deb!

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