Friday, September 28, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #50

Loretta Lynn's paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother died in 1911.

How long had she been ill?


Mary Polly Wells Butcher
was ill for 5 days before she died of lobar pneumonia in 1911.
sources: family tree at
KY death records at


Loretta Webb's paternal grandmother is Amanda Butcher Webb;

Amanda's paternal grandmother was Mary "Pollie" Wells Butcher.

Mary Butcher died in 1911, according to her death certificate she was 96 years old and sick for five whole days.

Craig Manson

Loretta Lynn's paternal grandmother's paternal grandmother was Mary Wells Butcher, born March 14, 1815; died March 21, 1911, after a five day bout of pneumonia. To discover this, I went first to Lynn's bio on Wikipedia to learn her parents' names: Melvin & Clara Webb. Melvin's parents were Alic & Mandy Webb of Johnson County, KY (1900 census). Mandy's parents were Simon and Clarinda Butcher (1900 census). I got there purely by hunch--having read that Loretta was born in a place called "Butchers Hollow" in Johnson County KY. Simon's parents were William & Mary Butcher (1870 census). Mary's death certificate is online.

Drew Smith

Loretta Lynn (born Loretta Webb) was the daughter of coal miner Melvin "Ted" Webb (1906–1959).

In the 1910 census for Buffalo, Johnson County, Kentucky, we find 3-year-old Melvin with his parents, Alexander ("Alic") Webb and Mandy (born Mandy Butcher according to other sources). Mandy Butcher Webb would have been Loretta Lynn's paternal grandmother.

Mandy Butcher appears as "Manda" in the 1900 census, a daughter of Simon Butcher (born May 1848).

This means that Mandy Butcher's paternal grandmother (Simon's mother) would have died in 1911 as a Butcher (assuming that she didn't remarry), and may appear in the Kentucky Death Records in 1911.

5 women named Butcher died in 1911 in Kentucky, but only 1 in Johnson County: the widowed Mary Butcher, died 21 March 1911, born 14 March 1815 (in Virginia). Mary lived in Buffalo. Is she Simon's mother?

In 1860, 35-year-old Mary Butcher of Johnson County is living with husband William, and children including 12-year-old Simon.

So what did Mary Butcher (Simon's mother and Mandy's paternal grandmother) die from? According to the death certificate: Acute lobar pneumonia.


Yes, it was an illness of five days. Loretta's kin didn't stray far from "Butcher Holler" for many generations.

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