Saturday, September 29, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #51

The house where I grew up in the village of Locke Mills, Maine, was previously owned by a different family for more than half a century. Some of the kids in that family carved their initials on a wall in the barn, including E.W.K., L.W.K., and C.C.K.

When did their parents marry?

Drew Smith

The village of Locke Mills, Maine, is located in Greenwood Township in Oxford County.

In the 1910 census for Locke Mills, we find Wesley C. Kimball and his wife Florence, who have been married for 17 years, with children including
sons Eliner W., Laforrest W., and Charles C.

According to Maine Marriages (1892-1996), Westley C Kimball of Greenwood, Maine, married Florance M. Osgood of Greenwood, Maine, on
30 June 1893.


That's the date. Wes Kimball died 50 years ago last week, and his daughter Bertha owned the house until her death in 1974. My parents bought it a year later.

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