Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He Didn't Know There'd Be a Test

More archival goodness from The New York Times, this time from the Mar. 28, 1886, edition:

From the Boston Budget.

A young man in a neighboring city applied recently for a marriage license and the clerk in attendance said in answer to his request, after he had made some other inquiries, "What was the name of the lady's father?" "You've got me there," was the response. "Well, then, what was her mother's name?" "I give it up," was the answer. "You seem to be profoundly ignorant regarding your intended wife's family, but perhaps you'll be communicative enough to tell me the age of the lady you intend to lead to the altar," said the long-suffering registrar. The reply was, "Couldn't, upon my life; I never asked her; she's got red hair." Finally an old acquaintance of the lady came forward and the affair was settled in a short space in a satisfactory manner. [Link (pdf)]

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