Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mom Finds Love in the Cemetery

For the past few years, Carolyn Fritz and her daughter Sandy have been visiting B.F. Gray and J.H. Love—two Confederate soldiers buried in Camp Butler National Cemetery.

"We didn't choose these two for any particular reason," Sandy says. "Mom just likes the name 'Love.' I made up a name for mine, B.F. Gray. I call him Beauregard FitzWilliam Gray because it just sounds very Southern. We were thinking about mom's J.H. Love. It could be John."

"John's a good name; nothing wrong with John." Carolyn says.

"But maybe we should call him Jackson for Stonewall Jackson or Jedediah to make it Southern," Sandy says. [Link]
I think "Benjamin Franklin Gray" would be more likely, but I could be wrong.

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