Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Kind of Town

Some hugely wonderful news out of the Windy City:

If all goes as planned, newly digitized versions of county records such as birth and death certificates and marriage licenses will be available beginning in January on one searchable Web site that will revolutionize how such research is done, [Cook County Clerk David] Orr said.
The Web site is part of a massive yearlong effort to digitize the county's 24 million vital records, which date to 1871, when record-keeping began after the Chicago Fire wiped out previous stockpiles, clerk's office spokeswoman Kelley Quinn said. [Link]
If you need some Chicago resources to tide you over until January, check out Joe Beine's Cook County page.


And I don't even have Cook County relatives, that I know of.
But I may need to use them to solve a Genealogue Challenge.

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