Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oregon Offended By Udinks

The state of Oregon wants a family to return their vanity license plates because their surname is offensive.

The plates, UDINK1 UDINK2 and UDINK3 are on the vehicles of Mike and Shelly Udink and their son Kalei.
Last summer, Kawika Udink's application for UDINK4 was rejected and the state ordered that the other three plates be returned.
The panel's ruling surprised Mike Udink, whose name is Dutch. He says it is a common last name in The Netherlands.

"Since when can a panel dictate whether your name's offensive or not?" asked Udink, a lineman for Pacific Power. [Link]
[Thanks, Nancy!]

Jason Presley

I've learned more offensive words and phrases from stories like this than I ever learned in school!


I think the State of Oregon Motor Vehicle Department employees need to get out more.

DINK is an acronym which also refers to people with "Double Incomes and No Kids."

It is also used as the name of a toy craft kit that used to be popular (Shrinky Dink).

It was a very popular term used in the New England states in the 1960s and 70s, which meant someone who was being a jerk.

Oh sure, somewhere along the line the word became associated with a part of a man's anatomy... but so have literally hundreds of other words.



Good points, Janice. Is the name "Johnson" also banned from license plates?

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