Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pat's Paternal Pedigree Probed

Pat Boone has claimed in interviews to have "inherited some of the DNA of my great, great, great grandfather, Daniel Boone." Randy at Genea-Musings has concluded that Pat's paternal line runs in a different direction.

Yeah, right, Randy. Next you're gonna tell us that Diana Ross isn't descended from Betsy Ross.


I'm still kinda excited about how Henry David Thoreau is descended from Catherine the Great. Or how OneWorldTree was able to fit 19 generations into 100 years.

If you don't have an Ancestry account, I transcribed the lineage here.


Wow, do you think Henry David Thoreau was related to these people too?


John, and Chris,

Stop it right now or I'll start charging you for all the keyboards I wreck when I spit my coffee onto them, while I'm reading your posts.

That has to be illegal :D


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