Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Did Ellis Island Admit Dismembered Woman?

Dr. Hawley Crippen was hanged in England in 1910, having been found guilty of poisoning his wife and burying her dismembered body in his cellar. DNA tests now show that the remains were not those of his wife, Cora.

The team concede that they may never discover what happened to Mrs Crippen, but several intriguing clues emerged during the research. Cora sang on the British stage under the name of Belle Elmore. Ten years after the trial, a singer with a similar name was registered as living with Cora's sister in New York. Records show that the same woman entered the US through Ellis Island from Bermuda in 1910 shortly after Mrs Crippen disappeared.

"Are Belle Rose and Cora Crippen one and the same?" asked Mr [John] Trestrail. "We can't prove any of that - that is another investigation". [Link]


Dammit! I was about to send you a link to this story :-)

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