Monday, October 01, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #56

Have you guessed yet that I'm a fan of The Andy Griffith Show? This challenge concerns the actor who played the habitually drunk Otis Campbell.

What were the names of his sisters' husbands?


Not doing well at all on this one. I found a reference to Kathleen with a married surname of: Villiere.

I found the family in the 1930 census, and several corrections that Hal was actually married twice, with Vivian being his first wife, and they met in Utica NY. Both sisters were older than Harold, so I would think they were married in NY also, but I've come up dry.



This is a hard one, so I'll give you some help.

The other sister is deceased, and her first name is spelled correctly in the 1930 census.

Their husbands' names appear in their father's obituary.

Their father's digitized obituary is available online.


Via NewsBank:
Kathleen’s 2005 obit says she was married to Clayton Villiere. It also mentions her late sister Bernadine [sic] Damrath. The 2002 obit of Bernadeen says her late husband was John D. Damrath, Sr. Both the sisters’ marriages lasted more than 60 years. Their obits, plus the one of their other brother Glen, mention the Andy Griffith show. As will the obituary of the Genealogue.



The other sister was Bernadean (Bernadeen?),
in the 1920 they were in NC. Bernadean and her sister Kathleen were dancers. Their mother was Emma b. ca 1882 in NY. Their father was Jay Smith, b. ca 1878 in Mich. A news article said Emma painted a picture of their farm when she was 75 (ca 1957). They lived in Massena NY. There was also a brother named Glenford (Glenfred?) b. abt 1918, who was about a year younger than Harold "Hal". I checked the Massena Public library obit index, but the only Jay Smith died in 1909, we know Jay lived past 1930 when they were living in Massena, St Lawrence Co, NY.

Stumped in Nevada !


Sharon (of course) nailed it.

Jay D. Smith's obit is available at Tom Tryniski's website. Here's a direct link.

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