Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #57

When T. S. Eliot's paternal grandfather died, what company handled the funeral services?

Drew Smith

William Greenleaf Eliot died 23 January 1887 at Pass Christian, Mississippi. The undertakers were Smithers & Wagoner.



Dang, I didn't even check there. I was hoping you'd have to delve into his probate records to find the answer.


Just a question....

If Mr. Eliot died in Pass Christian, Mississippi, why would he have a Missouri death certificate?

I would have looked for a death certificate in Mississippi if Drew had not beat me to the challenge.


Good question. The death was reported in Missouri three days after the event by "Chas L LeRoux," who was a physician in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Since Eliot was a resident of St. Louis and was buried there, perhaps the doctor felt obliged to send a record of the death along with the body.


I found this:
The city of St. Louis required burial permits starting in January 1882, continuing until October 1908. These records are the equivalent to an early death certificate since similar information is available on both records.

Perhaps these burial permits have been included in the index.

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