Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #59

Today is the anniversary of author Thomas Wolfe's birth. The love of his life was a woman married to another man.

When did the parents of this woman die?

Extra credit: Where did her father live in 1860?


Aline Frankau Bernstein's parents were Rebecca Goldsmith and Joseph Frankau. Rebecca died 4 Oct 1893 and Joseph died 24 Oct 1894. Probably. Aline's bio says they were both dead by the time she was 17, which would have been about 1897--The Frankau name on the NYC death index is spelled various ways, as it is in the census.

Aline's father Joseph was born in Connecticut to Delia and Nathan Frankau and the family was living in New London, Connecticut on the 1860 census.


Aline Frankau's father, Joseph Frankau, died April 11, 1900 at his home hemmorage of the stomach possibly due to trouble of the liver (New York Times archive)

Her mother, Rebecca G. Frankau, died 4 Oct 1893 (New York City Death Index - spelled Frankan)

Still working on where Joseph lived in 1860.


In 1860, Joseph Frankau was living with his parents, Nathan & Delia Frankau in New London, New London, Connecticut


I'll post what I have in case it can help someone find the rest:

Joseph Frankau died 11 Apr 1900. He was 45 and was living with his brother-in-law, Police Commissioner Hess. He was a widower and had been living with his brother-in-law for 2 years.

This was in New York City, from the Brooklyn Public Library Project. So, that means his wife, Rebecca, probably died in 1898 or before.



Tex was close, but Susan gets full credit.

As Deb notes, when he died in 1900, Joseph Frankau was living with his brother-in-law, Jacob Hess--the same guy Aline was living with when the census taker arrived. Having the name of Jacob's wife, Gertrude, made it easy to find the Frankau family in New London in 1860.


Joseph Frankau was my great grandfathers brother....he was born in New Haven Ct in 1849, i have the actual birth record somewhere... the family was there in 1850, in 1855 the family moved to New London, in 1865 the family moved to Manhattan, most likely because Nathan was booted out of the company he financed in the civil war, not making sense because the family was quite wealthy, Nathan and Delia died in 1876, in 1880 Joseph and his new wife Rebecca where living in the boardinghouse her sister owned which was where Macys is now.. I have tons of more info if anyone wants it


Steve, .... is that you that will be chatting with my mother Kate - who has also been doing some research on the Frankau family. By the way, the name is not Italian in origin, it is from Bavaria, and the family came to London and some went on to America. They are Jewish in origin, the law changed only allowing a certain number of people to be married at any one time, dead mans shoes in effect, and this appears to be one of the main reasons they left.

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