Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #60

This challenge was submitted by Genealogy Guy Drew Smith. I've found the family, but not the skeletons.

In 1930, Laura Clarke of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, was probably like many other young women of her time, living an ordinary life as a wife and secretary. But one has to wonder when, if ever, she learned of the horrifying past of her new in-laws. What family skeletons would she have found most disturbing?


The only thing I've found so far about Hattie M and Alven Clarke is that they were divorced sometime between 1900 and 1910, which would be embarrassing in 1930, but not really horrific. I'm going to try to figure out exactly when, because their son who Laura married was born in 1903.


I'm finding Arnolds in the ancestry of Alvin Clarke. Looks like it might be leading to Benedict Arnold?

Another Clarke relative was married to a woman named Betsey Ross. Haven't followed her to see if she's THE Betsey Ross, a descendant or not related.



the 1910 Census shows Hattie Clarke as divorced, and her father George T. Brown is living in the household.

Wikipedia shows a George T Brown, as the Sergeant at Arms of the Congress, who served the Impeachment papers to President Andrew Johnson, but that Geo. Brown was from Alton, Illinois; the Census record records this George Brown as born in RI.

Is George T. Brown possibly a descendent of John Brown?
(off to check more records....)


Nope. Not John Brown.
Vampirism of George's Daughter, Mercy Brown.

Mercy Brown


Well done! Here's George's family in 1880, showing Laura's mother-in-law Hattie and her bloodsucking sister Mercy.

I'm sorry, allegedly bloodsucking.

Thanks for the challenge, Drew!

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