Thursday, October 04, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #62

Which of Molly (Simon) Theobald's grandchildren had a memorable role on The Andy Griffith Show?

Drew Smith

The clue was that the character was "memorable", and that had to apply to the character of Ernest T. Bass, portrayed by Howard Morris.

Howard Jerome Morris was born 4 September 1919, the son of Hugo and Elsie Morris. According to Manhattan marriage records, Hugo J. Morris was married to Elsie Theobald on 20 December 1914. According to the 1920 census, Elsie was 30.

In 1910, 21-year-old Elsie is living with her parents, Frederick and Molly Theobald. According to Manhattan marriage records, Mollie Simon married Ferdinand Theobald on 9 May 1886.


So far I've ruled out McNear, Corsaut, Dodson, Lansing, and Summers. (I found Hope's real age though).
Ruling people out is not working. Trying another tact. Have found a Molly Simon married to Ferdinand Theobald in NY in 1886. They have three daughters in 1900 so I think I'm getting close.


According to NY marriage records one of Molly’s daughters, Elsie Theobald, married Hugo Morris in Mahattan Dec 20, 1914. In 1920, they have a son Howard, born 1919. This must be the Howard Morris who played Ernest T. Bass on Andy Griffith.



Yup, it was Howard Morris, alias Ernest T. Bass.

As mental_floss recently noted, Morris also provided the voice of the Hamburglar. Both he and fellow Andy Griffith alum Hal Smith (a.k.a. Otis Campbell) were veteran voice performers.

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