Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #66

This challenge requires that you delve into Harvard Law School's digital collections.

In a divorce case in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, a respected physician was accused of "playing doctor" with the libelant's wife.

Who was the doctor, and what lasting honor was bestowed upon him after his death?


Dr. Marcellus Bowen.
Still looking for the honor.


...and is he the same guy who was indicted but found not guilty of embezzling funds in 1838 from the Lafayette Bank in Boston?

The other Marcellus Bowen I keep running into worked for the American Bible Society. hmmmmm


Had a street named for him in south Boston after his death in 1848?


Dr Marcellus Bowen, but I don't see any honors. I see other folks named Marcellus Bowen who were known for their humanitarian efforts, but they don't appear to be the same Dr Bowen.


Yes, a few years after breaking up the marriage of Thomas and Eliza Dunham, Dr. Marcellus Bowen "sacrificed himself to his work, overtasking his strength in an epidemic of fever in South Boston, Mass., especially among the poor; on whose petition, (so says cousin Nancy (Bowen) Davis,) a street there was named for him."

The name remains.

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