Friday, October 12, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #69

Still no answer to Challenge #68, but let's move on.

For at least thirty years, an unusual family lived in Andrew Budd's neighborhood.

Who were they?


There are several Andrew Budd's from the 1850 to the 1930 censuses. I looked at several of them, and the pages before and after their entry, and I may be missing something obvious, but I didn't see anything odd. I'll try harder if you want to give us a hint about the state he lived in maybe?


Okay, here's another clue: This Andrew Budd lived in the same place for 30+ years, and had the same "near neighbors" in four censuses. Investigate these neighbors and you'll find that they were ... unusual.


In Williamstown, Dauphin Co., PA, the nuns of the Market Street Sacred Heart Convent lived near Andrew Budd.


Nope, that's not the Andrew I'm looking for. Here's another clue: The Andrew in question was born in Columbia County, New York.


Ha ha ha!


There are 2 Andrew Budd's born in NY that also span at least 3 censuses:
Andrew Budd from Cambira, Niagara, NY
and Andrew Budd of Thompson, Sullivan, NY. Unless farmers and coopers are scary, I'm not seeing anything unusual about their neighbors [sigh].

Drew Smith

I'm guessing it's that long-haired music:

The Sutherland Sisters

I bet you could sell them a lot of drain cleaner.


Doogles got it! It was the hirsute Sutherland family.


... and Drew gets his answer in just under the wire.

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