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Genealogue Challenge #73

There are still some outstanding questions from the last challenge, but let's move on. Actress Jean Arthur, born this day in 1900, married her first husband in 1928. The marriage lasted all of one day.

Who was this husband, and when did his eldest sister die?

Extra credit: Who were his eldest sister's husbands?


Julian Ancker. The name of his eldest sister is proven by the 1910 census entry, which says 3 children, 3 surviving, and then names all three. This leads to Vivian who married (1) Robert Baer, and, apparently, (2) Ed Horkheimer. The California death index for VIvian Ancker reveals the latter surname, and through a google books entry for "Vivian Horkheimer" is found a book by Ed and Vivian Horkheimer. There can't be two with that name, right? And who else could Ed be but a husband?


To clarify, Ed and Vivian Horkheimer's names are mentioned in the book. The book was not written by them.

Unknown says that Jean Arthur's first husband was Julian Ancker (1928-1928), and that the marriage was annulled

The 1930 CA census
Julian Ancker 1930 shows his DOB as 1902 in California and his marital status as divorced.

1920 Census shows a full name of Julian Aster Ancker, DOB listed as 1902 in Colorado, parents Albert and Gertha Ancker, both born in Germany.
Albert is reported as a bank president.

1910 Census has Julian indexed as AUCKER, and his mother as Bertha instead of Gertha.
This census also lists two daughters- Henrietta, born 1891 in California and Vivian, born 1889 in California, and residing in Albert's household, with her Husband Robert Baer, age 36.

The California Death index
Reports a Vivian Horkheimer, born 23 Dec 1888, died 23 Jan 1980. Father's name Ancker, Mother's Maiden Name Marx.


*Ed Horkheimer is probably movie producer Ellwood Herkheimer.


I mean Horkheimer.

Drew Smith

According to Wikipedia, the one-day marriage was to photographer Julian Anker in 1928, although IMDb spells the surname as "Ancker". According to his World War I Draft Registration, his full name was Julian Aster Ancker.

In the 1930 census, Julian Ancker appears in the household of his parents, Albert and Bertha, and his divorced sister, Vivian Baer.

In the 1910 census, Bertha is shown to have 3 children (Vivian, Henrietta , and Julian), with Vivian the oldest.

In the California Death Index is Vivian Horkheimer, died 23 January 1980. Her father was an Ancker, her mother a Marx.

One of her husbands was Robert Baer (from the census). The other must have been a Horkheimer.


Julian Ancker was the first husband. All accounts say he was a photographer, but I found him listed as being in "theatre" in the 1920 census (son of Albert and Bertha). One book says he and Jean Arthur (Gladys Georgianna Greene) eloped to Santa Barbara, marriage annulled after one day without consummation and he soon after went fishing, suffered sunstroke and died.

His oldest sister was Vivian. Married to Robert Baer in the 1910 census (had just gotten married that year). What I think is her death record shows:
Vivian Horkheimer b: 12/23/1888 in CA; d: 1/23/1980 in Los Angeles. I haven't found a marriage record yet, but I believe the husband was Ellwood David Horkheimer b: 8 Feb 1881 and listed as divorced in the 1930 census (living with daughter) He is listed as a motion picture producer.



The husband was Julian Anker, who died July 1932. His 15 Jul obit lists his sisters as Mrs. Vivian Baer and Mrs. Fred Siegel.

Haven't found a death date for Vivian--husbands appear to be Baer and Hockheimer, according to Albert and Bertha Anker's obits.

Still looking.


Vivian's first husband was Robert Baer and her second was ?Ellwood? Horkheimer.


The husband was Julian Ancker, No definitive proof here. The California Death Index lists a Lenora Irene Ancker


The husband was Julian Ancker. After the marriage was annulled, Julian died, supposedly from a heatstroke while fishing on 9 Jul 1932. I don't have definitive proof on his elder half sister. My best guess is that her name is Lenora Irene Ancker. The California Death Index lists a Lenora Irene Ancker that was born 17 Sep 1903 and died 31 Jan 1978 in San Diego County, CA. It also lists her birthplace as Iowa, which I don't think is true. Both the 1910 and 1920 CA Censuses show her birthplace as California. I don't have access to search the 1930 Census for California. If this is the correct person, then I suppose the answer to the extra credit would be: there were none.


Doogles answered this one in record time. It was Julian Ancker, whose sister Vivian married (at least) Robert Baer and Ellwood David Horkheimer.

Interestingly, both Ellwood and Vivian had brief careers in the film industry.

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