Sunday, October 21, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #76

Joyce Randolph—best known for her role as Trixie Norton on The Honeymooners—was born on this date in 1924.

When did her father and her father's father arrive in the United States?

Drew Smith

According to Wikipedia, Joyce Randolph was born in Detroit on 21 October 1924 under the name Joyce Sirola, and she was Finnish-American.

According to the 1930 census for District 541 in Detroit, 5-year-old Joyce Sirola was the daughter of 34-year-old Finland-born Carl Sirola and his 31-year-old Michigan-born wife Mary. They were married when Carl was 27 and Mary was 25.

According to Michigan Deaths and the SSDI, Carl Sirola was born 25 December 1895 and died 9 July 1989.

According to his World War I Draft Registration, Carl Sirola was born 25 December 1895 in Calumet, Michigan (not in Finland). But this birthplace isn't likely based on other records.

According to the 1910 census for District 107, Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan, there is the following household (all shown as born in Finland):

Andrew Sirola (head), shown as arriving in 1905 (the same year as the two oldest children)
wife Carolina and a number of children, including 14-year-old Charley (all but the oldest two children arriving in 1907)

The wife and younger children came over on the Celtic, 1 May 1907. Charley appears as Karle (or perhaps Kalle).

Antti Sirola (indexed by Ancestry as "Artti") and son William arrive via the Philadelphia on 23 April 1905.


You got it. Another great resource is Finland's Institute of Migration, which has both passport records and outgoing passenger records. Only the searches are free, but you will find the birth date of Kalle Sirola (25 Dec. 1895) from his passport, and the date he and his family left Finland (6 Apr. 1907; his father and brother had left on 5 Apr. 1905).

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