Monday, October 22, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #77

Who were Gummo Marx's parents-in-law?


Okay. I've been looking for Helen's maiden name for two days now. Maybe if I just list what I know, it will help someone in the search.

The wife of Milton Marx was first married to R Russell Von Tilzer.
I know she was already married in January 1927, because she and her husband are listed on a sailing ship to/from Havana Cuba. It lists her age as 19, married and born on 23 Jan 1907 in NY NY.
The same ship register lists her husband as R. Russell Von Tilzer 25 married b: 30 Oct 1901 in NY.

I was hoping to find the marriage record of Helen and R. Russell. The date of the sailing trip was 1 Jan 1927.

I also know that when R Russell died at age 26 on 5 Feb 1928 in Manhattan, that he and Helen had a daughter and there was a custody dispute between Helen and the parents of Russell. The article I found did not list her maiden name, and she was already married to Milton Marx when this was happening.

Any reference I found on Milton Marx lists Helen as the former Helen Von Tilzer, and doesn't list her maiden name.

If anyone needs the links to any of the articles I found, I'll be glad to post them.



Thanks Deb!

I found the wedding announcement for Helen Theaman and R. Russell Von Tilzer in the New York Times of Dec. 17 1926. Her parents are listed as Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Theaman.

Arthur Theaman's obit (New York Times, July 20, 1943) lists his wife as Rose and his daughter as Helen Marx. Rose's obit (New York Times April 18, 1957) states she is the mother of Helen.

So the answer would be Arthur and Rose Theaman.

Thanks to Deb and the NYT.


Last step: What was Rose's maiden name?


And thanks to dwarner517
Per the IGI:
Arthur J Theaman married Rose Triehaft 14 Jan 1903 in Manhattan NY.

When searching for Helen's maiden name it was very frustrating looking for the marriage in the NYTimes. Every article had the $$ sign. I thought they changed articles that old to FREE.... [sigh]

So maybe what we're learning from this is that pooling resources often gets you farther than plugging away alone!!



Nice teamwork! The name is spelled "Treihaft" in many records.


my grandmothers name was rose treihaft, married to emanuel. i'm confused
marc treihaft


Just a coincidence, I think. It looks like Emanuel Treihaft--who married Rose Wisch on June 21, 1915, in Manhattan--was the son of Morris and Jennie Treihaft. Rose (Treihaft) Theaman was the daughter of Sigmund and Esther Treihaft. It's quite possible that Morris and Sigmund were related.


Does anyone have any information about Helen and Russel's daughter? I have been poking around a while and would love any knowledge you might have. Thanks!


Their daughter Karlyn (or "Kay") was adopted by Gummo Marx. She married Robert Silverstein in 1946, and died last November.

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