Thursday, October 25, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #80

The heads of this household had a daughter who had a son who had a famous daughter (still living).

Who is their famous great-granddaughter?


Dana and Hannah Wright
had two daughters (plus a few sons):
Emma bca: 1888
Hannah bca: 1858

Hannah seems to have died before 1870, so that leaves Emma as the daughter.

I did MANY census searches here, and kept going farther and farther back, finding more children.
I found a Rootsweb family tree that referenced Dana in the 1910 SD Census. In that census, he was living with Emma's family.

Emma married Alexander Ross
They had 4 sons (plus a few daughters):
Walter A Ross bca: July 1887
Gordon W Ross b: 9 Oct 1888
Donald Morrison Ross b: 24 Sep 1897
Alexander bca: 1888

So one of those four Ross sons has to be the father of the still living famous daughter.

I focused on Alexander for a while, since he was the youngest and you said the famous person was still living. I widened that search after MANY long, fruitless searches.

Did a search in Google for: actress ross "south dakota"

Found that Marion Ross was born in MN in 1928 (after looking in IMDB.COM).

I found her living with her parents in the 1930 MN census. Her father was Gordon W Ross, born in SD.



Great job, Deb! It was Marion Ross, who celebrated her 79th birthday just yesterday.


I came across an Emma Wright but the pedigree didn't quite fit.

Nice going Deb.


Ooooh, you were so close!

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