Thursday, November 01, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #84

No answer yet to #83, but here's #84.

New York Magazine reports on the unmasking of notorious skyjacker D. B. Cooper. Using the information provided in the article, what were the names of his father's siblings?


From various census schedules:
Parents of Kenneth P. Christiansen were:
Edwin & Iva.
Edwin b. in MN ca 1895
Edwin was the son of Claus & Johanna Christiansen.
The 1900 census indicates Johanna was the mother of 9 with 9 yet living.
The most complete? list seems to be the 1885 Iowa, Scott Co.
children of Claus & Johanna:
Hans, Henriette, Anna, Emma, Minnie, Matilda (Tillie), Henry, Mary. Edwin was born in Mar 1895 in MN. All the other children were born in Scott Co., Iowa.


You got it. BTW, the Minnesota Death Certificate Index shows that Johanna's maiden name was Koos.

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