Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Think We Can Rule Out Jefferson

Elmer Milton's great-uncle, Pierson Craig, turned 101 on Tuesday.

“He’s the grandson of a slave,” Milton said. “He said his grandmother, which was a slave born in 1847, was my great-great-great grandmother, Amanda Montgomery.”

Amanda would tell Craig that she was the only slave on the Alabama plantation who didn’t have to work outdoors, Milton said. “I believe she was the daughter of a president,” Milton said was his family’s story passed down through generations. “... They never did get to prove it.” [Link]


In 1920, Pierson Craig, 13, was living with his father Jones and his mother Ollie in Okfuskee, OK. Ten years earlier they were in Marengo Co, AL. In 1900, Ola Montgomery was with her father Richard and mother Amanda in the same county. It says Amanda was born in 1866 but in 1880 she was 19, indicating she was born about 1860.

As to her being the daughter of a president… What??? This isn’t a challenge???? Oh, bother!



Okay, call this an unofficial challenge. Extra credit if you can implicate Lincoln.

Misa The Fashionista

I'm so happy I came across this story. I was searching for my mom's family history. My mother is a great-niece to Pierson Craig. Her grandmother was his sister Rebecca Craig, and her father was J. C. Simpkins. I too have heard stories from my mom that we are decendants of a certain President.

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