Monday, October 01, 2007

In Need of a Wife ... and a Proofreader

We've seen before that the immigration station in New York was perceived by some as a place to find marriageable women. Here's another example, from The New York Times of Sept. 1, 1883:

Superintendent Jackson, of Castle Garden, frequently receives letters from single men asking him to find wives for them from among the immigrant women at the Garden. The following letter addressed "C.O.D., Passenger Agent, Castle Agent," was received yesterday:

Detroit, August 29.

Dear Sir: I take the plusur of Writing you a few Lines over Wich You May Laugh But I Mean Business and Want to Pay you for your Troubl if tended to I Will pay you ten dollers $10 in money Next Mont. if there is any emegrants from Germany I wis you would make it your Bisness if You could find some deasant Girl who is pratey and from 25 to 30 years of age Who Wished to Get Married in respectble to a Machinist who is 30 years of age and a Germen who has an old Mother livin With him. a Red hair pirson need not aplye if pasably so from Saxon or a Mackleburg or Byron please write to me and then we can come to a better understanding I Will send her a pass When the partie is found. my address is
JOHN KEEL, 435 Lefyett-street, Detroit, Mich.
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