Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Tune With Her Ancestors

Forget genetealogy. Jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater found a way to trace her African ancestry without swabbing her cheek or spitting in a cup.

A genealogical search for ancestors led back only 150 years, then the trail went cold. Bridgewater found a way to bridge the gap: “I’m a very intuitive person. I decided to just listen to music. I thought when I heard the music of the country my ancestors are from, I would recognize it. When I heard the music of Mali, it struck a very deep chord, and I just knew.” [Link]
The same thing happened to me! I wasn't sure of my Finnish heritage until I heard this.
[Photo credit: Dee Dee Bridgewater (ii) by Bruno Bollaert]


I'm worried. What does it mean for my genealogy if this is the music which speaks to me?


Are any of your ancestors from Dalmatia? Or perhaps from Chihuahua?

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