Monday, October 01, 2007

Not Anti-Marriage, Just Anti-Auntie-Marriage

Capt. Di Simone was not pleased with his son's choice of wives.

"I particularly wished that he should not marry my wife's sister," said the Captain yesterday, "and that is just what he has done. You see what a position it places me in. I am my son's brother-in-law, and should he have children, I'll be uncle to my own grandchildren. I'm father-in-law to my sister-in-law, and my wife is her sister's mother-in-law. It's a bad mix up. The relationship is too close, and there's too much of it."

The son has married his aunt, and will therefore be the cousin of his own children, and should his father have more children, he will be uncle of his own brothers or sisters.

Capt. Di Simone wonders whether the young man will hereafter pay him the respect due to a father or will be the familiar brother-in-law. [The New York Times, Mar. 13, 1897 (pdf)]

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