Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pensions Get Attention

Diane Haddad reports that all of those Civil War pension applications squirreled away at the National Archives finally are coming to the Web.

The agreement will kick off with a pilot project to digitize, index and provide access to 3,150 pension files. When that’s done, FamilySearch, along with records site Footnote.com, plans to digitize and index all 1,280,000 pensions in the series.
According to the announcement, the digitized records will be free on FamilySearch and at Family History Centers, and possibly on a commercial third-party site.
As Diane says, "Oh, happy day!" I've been working on a large local history project that would have required a lengthy visit to Washington or a hefty payout to some researcher for copies of pension records. I'm doubly thrilled that these will be digitized from the original documents, and not from Eisenhower-era microfilm.

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