Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whatever Mama Said Went

Wayne Myers is compiling a history of the "lost community" on Bald Hill in the town of Danby, New York.

According to Myers, one of the more colorful personalities on the hill was that of Grandma Felane Gunn, a rather large woman who married George Mettler and then proceeded to lay down the law. When she was pregnant with twins and the doctor was called, it turned out to be a difficult delivery resulting in two sons, Frank and Fred.

But what followed the delivery was bizarre. Upon viewing the boys, mother Mettler declared the brothers would only father one child between them. And she was correct. Fred married Florence Rumsey and they had a daughter, Marjorie. Frank married three times and all marriages were childless. “Mama said there would only be one child and the word was, whatever Mama said went,” Myers said. [Link]

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