Thursday, November 29, 2007

All in All That's a Really Big Wall

Tom Hendrix has built a memorial for his great-great-grandmother—a Native American woman who survived the Trail of Tears and returned to her home in Alabama.

What he did to remember her involved 6 and a half million pounds of rock, and the size of 5 football fields. Hendrix wanted the legacy of his great grandmother to be remembered for a long time.
What he did has taken much of his time and strength. "I have worn out 3 trucks, over 20 wheelbarrows, over 1,000 pair of gloves, two dogs, and one old man," said Hendrix. [Link]
Here's a blog post with photos and videos of Te-Lah-Nay's Wall—supposed to be largest monument to a woman in the United States, and the longest unmortared wall in the country.

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