Thursday, November 08, 2007

Changing Clocks Changes Birth Order

A woman in North Carolina gave birth to twins last Sunday, right around the time that Daylight Saving Time ended.

Peter Sullivan Cirioli was dubbed "Baby A" at WakeMed Cary when he arrived early Sunday morning.

“Yes, Peter was born first, it was at 1:32 a.m.,” mother Laura Cirioli said.

Thirty-four minutes later, Peter's twin sister, Allison Raye Cirioli, known as "Baby B," made her entrance into the world.

Because of Daylight Saving Time, Allison's time of birth was 1:06 a.m., which makes her 26 minutes older than her brother even though he was born first. [Link, via Neatorama]

Miriam Robbins

In one of the small towns in Southeast Alaska where I lived as a child, there were a set of twins that had been born on either side of midnight one summer. The names of the boys were, appropriately, August and September.

And my maternal grandfather had a set of twin brothers born on New Year's Eve, 1930. One lived only three hours; the other, six. Their death dates were 31 Dec 1930 and 1 Jan 1931.

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