Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Engagement Ring Changes Hands

Peter Brady discovered Ernest Stanley Cubiss's engagement ring while diving off the Orkney islands. He recently delivered it to the owner's nephew, Malcolm Cubiss.

On a routine dive in September, company director Peter initially thought he had found a part of the doomed ship's machinery - but on further inspection found the gold ring, which was inscribed: "To Stanley from Flo, March 1916."

Together with engineer pal Bob Hamilton, who was also in the water that day, the pair eventually tracked down Malcolm, after trawling the internet and travelled to York with the precious ring.

Grandad Malcolm, who lives in Tockwith with his wife Wendy, 61, said: "I received a call out of the blue telling me that divers had found this ring which had been salvaged from the wreck of HMS Opal. The second they mentioned the Opal I knew what they were talking about, because I knew my uncle had died on that ship." [Link]

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