Thursday, November 15, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #92

Judge Wapner celebrates a birthday today.

When did his father arrive in the United States?


Looks like Joseph A. Wapner's father was Joseph Mendel (Max) Wapner. He arrived in NY from Hamburg with his mother, Anna, on March 25, 1906 on the SS Pretoria.


This was deceptively tough.
My best guess is:
25 May 1906
Mendel Wapner(7)arrived with:
Anna Wapner age 30 &
Sora Wapner age 56
The 1910 census has:
Mack Wapner (12)living with:
Annie & Samuel with
mother-in-law: Sarah Kyles?
The CA deaths has Joseph Max Wapner's mother's maiden name as Kalish.
I could be way off however.


In 1930, Joe A. Wapner is living in Los Angeles, 2.7 miles from where I was born. His father is listed as Joseph M. and his mother as Fannie. Next door is Samuel Wapner and his wife Anna who are the right age to be Joseph M.’s parents. In the same household is Samuel’s mother-on-law Sarah Kalis. Joseph M., Fannie, and Sarah all say they arrived in the US in 1906, 4 years after Samuel.

In 1920Joseph A. Wapner is in Los Angeles with his father – now called Max – and his mother Fannie. Max says he arrived in 1905.

Passenger list for the SS Pretoria arrived in New York on March 25, 1905. On it were Anna Wapner, 30; Mendel, 7; and Sarah, 56. These are most likely Judge Wapner’s father, grandmother, and grandmother. The manifest says they are on their way to Los Angeles to meet up with Anna’s husband and Sarah’s son-in-law, Samuel.


Yup, little Mendel Wapner came on the Pretoria in 1906.

Joseph Max Wapner, himself an attorney, occasionally appeared on Divorce Court back in the 1960s.

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