Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #94

Fran Allison—the only cast member of Kukla, Fran and Ollie to draw a paycheck—was born on this date a century ago.

With whom was she living in 1930?

Extra credit: When did her maternal grandparents arrive in America?


Part #1
In 1930 Frances H. Allison was a teacher staying with:
Margaret Hickey (53 b. IRE widow)
at Pocohontas IA.

Extra Credit ?


Extra credit:
Fran's maternal Grandparents were:
Thomas & Bridget (Brannon?) Halpin (according to the awesome 1925 IA state census).
The 1900 census indicates they arrived in 1873. I haven't located the exact date yet.


Charles H Tew


In 1930, Francis Allison was a teacher in Pocahontas Iowas, living in the boarding house of Margaret Hickey, an Irish widow.

As to the extra credit, the California death record shows Fran's mother's maiden name as Halan; An entry in GenForum shows it as Halpern. According to the 1920 and 1930 census records, her mother, Anna, was born in Pennsylvania. The 1920 census shows her parents as having been born in Ireland, but the 1930 census shows "Turk Free State"??? Hard to read. I'll leave that search to someone else.



Frances was living in Pocohontas, Iowa, in 1930, but not with Margaret Hickey. Look carefully at the "Place of Abode" columns.

NevadaGenealogist has the correct maternal grandparents. Can anyone find their exact date of arrival?


Okay. Sloppy genealogical research on my part. The entry for Fran Allison refers to SHEET 7 and household 177. That would be page 7A of the same census and the household of William E Ballard and family.

I love census takers.



I read it as "Bollard," but that is the right household.

Did anyone find the Halpin's date of arrival?


Found Thomas (age 19)& Bridget (age 18) Halpin, both b. Ireland, who arrived at Castle Garden on 1 Sep 1873 on the ship City of Brussels. Not sure if this is the right couple, but they came together in the right year.


Ooh, you are so close! It might help to find Thomas and Bridget in the 1880 census and see which children traveled with them.


OK, OK--got it--5 Sep 1873 on the SS Baltic to NY.


You got it! Here's the family in 1880. Thomas, Bridget, and 8-month-old twins Laurence and Margaret all arrived at Castle Garden on 5 Sept. 1873.

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