Friday, November 30, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #99

One of my childhood heroes has died. Like 90% of American boys in the '70s, I idolized Evel Knievel. I remember once setting up a ramp and trying to jump my bicycle over ... my brother, I think. The bike came out from under me and I landed flat on my back. That was the only time in my life I ever saw stars, just like in the cartoons. Rest in peace, Evel.

On what date did Evel's father's father's paternal grandmother arrive in America, and where is she thought to be buried?


His father's father's paternal grandmother was Gertrude Goeken Knievel.

She came to this country through the port at Baltimore, arriving 29 May 1866 from Bremen on the ship named Ocean.

She died very soon after arriving and is supposedly buried in West Point, Cuming County, Nebraska.



G-g-grandmother Anna Gertrude Goeken Knievel arrived in the US at Castle Garden on 29 May 1866 on the ship "Ocean." She died that same year in Cuming County, NE (one source says St. Charles, NE; another says West Point, NE) and is buried in St. Charles Pioneer Cemetery, St. Charles Twnship, Cuming County, NE.


Gertrude Knievel arrived at the port of Baltimore on 29 May 1866, onboard the ship "Ocean".
Gertrude died at West Point, Cuming Co., Neb. Not sure of the cemetery.
the website:

has the lineage down from Gertrude to Evel (aka Robert Craig Knievel).

Drew Smith

According to the Wikipedia, Evel's father's father was Ignatius Knievel of Butte, Montana.

According to this site, the paternal grandmother of Ignatius was Gertrude Goeken, who arrived at Baltimore on the Ocean on 29 May 1866, and who died shortly thereafter in West Point, Cuming County, Nebraska.

Other trees indicate that her full name was Anna Gertrude Goeken, that she was born 11 Jan 1816, and that she died in St. Charles, Cuming County, Nebraska.

This site suggests that Mrs. Gertrude Knievel is buried in the St. Charles Pioneer Cemetery.


Evel's father's father's paternal grandmother was Gertrude (Goeken) Knievel (wife of Franz Knievel).

She arrived 29 May 1866 on the ship "Ocean" at Baltimore MD--her stated destination: Omaha, Nebraska

She is buried in St. Charles Pioneer Cemetery in West Point, Nebraska.



Yes, the answers are 29 May 1866 and St. Charles Pioneer Cemetery.

Just think, if not for Evel's fame most of us would be pronouncing his surname "Neeval" or "Nival."

Loretta's CC

Voices of the Prairie written by Angela Kaup Riggs is about the St Charles Township area. On pg 106 it says that Gertrude died one month after arrival, of consumption and hardships of travel. This book can be found online.

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