Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lincoln Made His Own Memorial

Just before he left Illinois for his first inauguration, Abraham Lincoln stopped by a cemetery in Coles County to visit the graves of his father and step-mother. It was Gale Baker's grandfather, John W. Baker, who showed Abe where the bodies were buried.

At the time, the burial sites were mostly unmarked, so Abraham Lincoln carved the initials of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln on a piece of wood to serve as a rudimentary grave marker.

At least, this is the tale handed down to Gale Baker from his grandmother, Susan D. Baker.

Abraham Lincoln “found those graves and then went to Washington and was shot there,” said Gale Baker, 90. “That’s the story as she told it.” [Link]
If I remember correctly, some other stuff happened between his going to Washington and getting shot.

Geoff Elliott

I posted a brief article about this in my blog the other day. Lincoln's stepmother, Sarah Bush Lincoln, actually outlived him by about four years. The original article in the Illinois paper was wrong about his stepmother being dead.


Thanks Geoff! Here's a link to the article.

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