Sunday, November 25, 2007

Man Buried Without His Organist

Archaeologists hoped to dig out the long-buried gravestone of Methodist preacher James Gwin in Vicksburg, Miss.

What the excavators did not expect to find under years of dirt and grass was a second crypt, bearing a name unfamiliar to the researchers. The tomb of Elizabeth P. Mosby lay next to the reverend's, and the dates inscribed appeared to show she died on Sept. 11, 1841, barely a month after Gwin. She is named on the stone as the wife of J.C. Mosby.

Who was she? Why bury her here? Why were her remains so close to Rev. Gwin?

"Perhaps she was the organist," quipped Hobbs Freeman, a local artist who rode along on the excursion. [Link]
As it turns out, Elizabeth was the daughter of Reverend Gwin.

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