Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Miriam Makes News

Congrats to Miriam for spilling the beans to a Spokesman-Review reporter. The article even includes a family recipe for soup.

Her most infamous ancestor was old Uzza, who was hanged in 1850 for murdering his second wife by putting arsenic in her soup, and it was later discovered that he had also struck a death blow to his own son.
I'm envious. I wish more of my ancestors had shown that kind of initiative.

Miriam Robbins

Hey, Chris, thank you very much. Anyone can do a Google search for "uzza robbins" or "robbins uzza" (use the quotation marks) to come up with some interesting websites of information about Ol' Uzza. In fact, that's how I learned this particular family story (it was never passed down in family lore...the family probably hoped the story would die off with him. They never imagined what the Internet could do!).

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