Friday, November 02, 2007

Moldy Oldies

After Frederick H. Gage's discharge from the Navy in 1946, his duffel bag was forwarded to Ardine Richardson of Strong, Maine. Richardson had no known connection to Gage, so he stuck the bag in his barn. It was found by the barn's current owner, who tracked down Gage's widow, Mary, and returned the duffel bag with its contents intact.

She had some fun -- well, the moldy clothes weren't fun -- going through the contents. There was an empty wallet with the name "Freddy Gage" inscribed on it; a nice Blue Star Service flag; and a blue stocking cap with a name tag stitched inside: "F. Gage, Naval Radio Station."

There was a paperback book -- a War Department Educational Manual, titled "Modern News Reporting" -- and a U.S. Navy sewing kit inscribed "So Sew Sailor."

"No hidden treasure?" Mary was asked.

"Not a dime," she said with a smile. [Link]

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