Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poetry So Bad It's Criminal

Workers found a tombstone in the basement of the courthouse in Bangor, Maine, for Isaac Cobb, who died Sept. 7, 1874, at age 72. A second epitaph was written on the back—presumably by inmates at the courthouse jail.

It appears to have been printed in black paint on the back of the headstone.

Titled, "Pretty Boy Floyd Redmond," the first two verses read:

"Beneath this sod so cold and deep,

Lies the once bold Floyd R,

Now, the meek and dirty creep.

He came to our town,

His motto to "do or die,"

But now he’s stocking shelves,

It makes you wonder why." [Link]
I actually know Isaac Cobb. He was born in the same town I was, and his mother was a Dunham—a distant cousin of mine. I have no known connection to "Pretty Boy Floyd."
[Thanks, Nancy!]

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