Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rusty Relic to Be Restored

They've finally decided who gets the rusty 1957 Plymouth Belvedere removed from a time capsule in Tulsa last summer: 93-year-old Catherine (Humbertson) Johnson.

Ever since Tulsa officials discovered in June that Raymond [Humbertson]’s was the winning guess of Tulsa’s expected population in 2007 — at 384,743, only about 2,000 off from the actual population of 382,457 — the search for his heirs has been on. Recently, it was decided the car’s rightful owner is Catherine, Raymond’s older sister.

It involved Raymond’s niece, Mary Catherine (Humbertson) Kesner, searching through records in Allegany County as well as those in Arlington, Va., where Raymond and Margaret lived. She contacted several relatives, who gave written consent they were relinquishing any rights to the car, Kesner said. [Link]
The car will be derusted, after which it will be taken back to Tulsa for one more unveiling.

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