Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Sordid Berry-Picking Tale

Schelly at Tracing the Tribe has tagged me for the 161 Meme: open up the book you're currently reading to page 161 and share the sixth sentence. This was a real challenge for me, since I rarely read books longer than 17 pages. Fortunately, I'm just finishing Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. (My policy is, if it's bad enough to ban, it's good enough to read.)

He was in these mounded rows, stooped and picking with the sun on his neck, low against the land in a sea of green and red with the smell of the earth and its berries rising like a mist, filling by the labor of his hands the twelve woven pine baskets in his caddy.
Not sure, but I think that's a metaphor for sex.


To quote Tom Lehrer on this issue,

"When correctly viewed, everything is lewd. I can tell you things about Peter Pan, and the Wizard of Oz, there's a dirty old man. I thrill to any book like Fanny Hill,
And I suppose I always will, If it is swill And really fil-thy."

Of course, that's Tom Lehrer's opinion. Not necessarily my own. But he is a Harvard Mathematician.


I trust Mr. Lehrer's judgment on all things, except the proper treatment of pigeons.


Hi, Chris,

Thanks for participating in 161 Meme, and happy to know your current book has more than 17 pages!

Tom Lehrer was great - thanks, John! It took me awhile to remember the words to the pigeon song. Happy to report it all came back to me without clicking on the video.


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