Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Comment on Comments

Once, when I was a naive lad of 37, I allowed anyone to comment on this blog. After a particularly heinous spam attack, I began restricting comments to registered Blogger members. This always bugged me, because not everyone has a Blogger account. I know that some of my regular visitors have registered for the sole purpose of leaving comments on this and other Blogger blogs. So I am very happy that Blogger is testing OpenID-based commenting.

When leaving a comment on this site, you can still sign in using your Blogger/Google account, but now you can also use your AOL, LiveJournal, TypeKey, or WordPress account.

If you have a blog or website that doesn't support OpenID, it's pretty easy to set it up. Once it's configured, you can just type in your website's address to sign in to any site that uses OpenId for authentication.


Well lets see if it works then



Well, this is a little weird. Instead of using a user name, I have to put in my blog name. But still, it's better than using one of my two unused blogger accounts. After using Wordpress, I really can't stand to use blogger any more.


It's really kind on clever. After you type in your website address, OpenId checks that you're signed into your WordPress account, and reports back to Blogger that you're the owner of that website.

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