Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Dwopps Had a Dwy Sense of Humor

Here's a book for the genealogist who has everything but this book: Larry Ashmead's Bertha Venation and Hundreds of Other Funny Names of Real People.

William Shakespeare was moved to ask, "What's in a name?" Well, in the case of Lavender Hanky, Hedda Lettuce and Stan Dupp the answer is a hearty chuckle.

Not to mention poor old Dwayne, the son of Mr and Mrs Dwopp, who must be rather tired of hearing "Dwayne Dwopps keep falling on my head" every time he enters a room.
Sometimes names only seem funny when put in context, such as Dr De'ath the surgeon, Archbishop Cardinal Sin and Mr Fatty, head of the Freedom from Hunger campaign. [Link]
Another from the book: Nancy Ann Cianci (her last name pronounced See-Ann-See). She's a real person (the ex-wife of former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci), but Dwayne Dwopp? I'm skeptical.

Miriam Robbins

Real names I've come across: Mrs. Bessie Butts (she must have really loved Mr. Butts to take his name like that), Ben and Ilene Dover (siblings), Harry Savage, Crystal Chanda Lear, Ivory Popo Jr. (Jr.? - bad enough his dad lived with it, but then he had to give his son that name, too?).


My favorite: an OBGYN in northern Utah named Dr. Fillerup.

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