Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #100

The 100th Challenge comes courtesy of Megan. All you have to do is watch this video and answer these questions:

In the Genealogical Cruising video, which well known genealogist:
  • Is seen riding a Segway?

  • Is seen wearing bunny ears and playing guitar?

  • Touts karaoke lounges as an ideal venue for computer talks?

  • Describes genealogical cruising as “tasty, painless” and “not prison”?

  • Suggests that all genealogical conferences should be done on cruise ships?


1. Segway - Dick Eastman
2. Bunny Ears & Guitar - Bob Velke
3. Karaoke/Computer - Megan Smolenyak
4. Tasty/not prison - John Grenham
5. All conferences on cruises - Cyndi Howells



Wow, you really know your well-known genealogists!


Well, Dick Eastman gave away the first two answers in his column (I get it by RSS feed), and the names of the others were written as subtitles on the video, so doing the assigned homework may be the key!!! We Tennessee genealogists try to stay well informed..... :^)

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