Thursday, December 13, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #105

Nancy Bovy needs some help finding relatives in the census.

Despite numerous hours searching at Ancestry I have been unable to find these relatives on the 1920 census and most of them on the 1930 census.

John M Nelson - head - born January 16, 1864 in Sweden (need 1920 & 1930)
Alfrida Nelson - wife - born July 8, 1870 in Sweden (need 1920 & 1930)
Edwin Reynold Nelson - son - born April 1, 1898 in Wisconsin (need 1920 only)
Esther W Nelson - daughter - born March 9, 1901 in Wisconsin (need 1920 & 1930)*
Alice Alfreda Nelson - daughter - born March 3, 1904 in Wisconsin (need 1920 & 1930)
Clarence V Nelson - son - born July 22, 1909 in Wisconsin (need 1920 only)

* Esther married Roy Matthew Curley some time after the 1920 census since he was still single on the 1920 census and living in Traverse County, Minnesota. I haven't found either of them on the 1930 census.
Roy Matthew Curley - born May 24, 1901 in Minnesota (need 1930 only)

The Nelsons lived in Grantsburg, Burnett County, Wisconsin until at least 1910 (1900 & 1910 U.S. census and 1895 & 1905 Wisconsin census). According to Alfrida's parents obituaries, John and Alfrida lived in Sandstone, Pine County, Minnesota in 1925 & 1926. When John & Alfrida died they were living in St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.

Both John and Alfrida died in Minnesota in 1949. Edwin died in 1993 in North Dakota. Esther Curley died in 1981 in Minnesota. Alice Nelson died in 1998 in Minnesota. Clarence died in 1964 in California.


There is an Esther Nelson of the right age in the 1930 Census.
She's recorded as a lodger with Liner and Carmallita Anderson in Hennepin, MN, Enumeration District 101. Born in 1901 in Wisconsin, both parents born in Sweden. Her occupation is given as file clerk in with a hardware store.


The 1920 Census shows what is possibly the same Esther Wilson, in District 215, Minneapolis, Hennepin. Occupation Laundress. Residing with Oscar and Tansie Lathson.

The 1930 Census I noted earlier, should also read Minneapolis, District 101. I inadventently left out the city name.


I've only found one bit but it hasn't helped with the census issue.
Edwin Nelson is in the WWI Draft Card index. The date is 8 Sep 1918. His residence is listed as Sandstone MN. Nearest relative; John Nelson, Sandstone, MN. I did a page by page search of the 1920 Sandstone Twp, Pine Co., MN census and could not find them. I haven't tried the 1930.

Drew Smith

Roy Matthew Curley may be the 28-year-old man listed as a lodger in the household of Lucy Smith of District 33, South St. Paul, Dakota County, Minnesota. While Ancestry has indexed the surname of Roy M. as "Ruley", it's entirely possible that the intended surname was "Curley".


I've come up empty on this one. As you say, they may have been hiding under the porch - or maybe in the same witness protection program that some of MY ancestors must be in!!

Drew Smith

John M. and Alfrida Nelson appear in the 1930 census for District 42, Sandstone, Pine County, Minnesota. They are incorrectly indexed by Ancestry as "Ann M. Nelson" and "Alfred Nelson". However, the correct names are clear from the image.


Nice find, Drew!


Thanks for the information on John Nelson, he was my mom's uncle that I have been researching.

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