Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #109

In honor of Flat Stanley finding his British roots, today's challenge is about Stanley Flatt. Specifically, this Stanley Flatt.

What were his middle name, nickname, wife's name, the full names of his parents, and the name of his step-father?

Craig Manson

This may or may not be relevant, but when I see the name "Flatt," I immediately think of that true giant of country music, Lester Flatt. Alas, despite his prominence in American music, he will forever be recalled with fellow Foggy Mountain Boy Earl Scruggs, as the performer of "The Beverly Hillbillies" theme music.


Here are Flatt and Scruggs playing Wreck of the Old 97 during one of their Beverly Hillbillies appearances. And no, it's not relevant.


Stanley Flatt
Middle name: FRY
Nickname: SANDY
Wife's Name: Edna Esther McKEE
Henry Darnell FLATT and
Lena Marie ELLIS
Stepfather: William Emmett BARLOW


I'll give you credit for everything but the nickname (the 1930 census gives his mother's middle name as "Maud," but secondary sources say "Marie").

Stanley was indexed as "Sandy" in 1900, but I'm not confident that this was not a mistake by the enumerator or a mistranscription. His nickname as an adult is somewhere out there on the Web.


from the Lauderdale Co. obituaries at USGENWEB

FLATT,Stanley F. (Shorty) husband of Edna Ester McKEE
2/19/1899---3/4/1971 Newbern,TN
f. Darnell FLATT m. Lena ELLIS


Yup, he was Shorty Flatt. Nice job!

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