Saturday, December 01, 2007

Soldier Bagged Two Girlfriends

Egyptian tour guide Kahled Makram found a bag in the Sahara dropped by Alec Ross when he was serving there in World War II. Ross died a few years ago, but Makram is sending the bag to his sister, Irene Porter.

She has been able to read the letters - sent by her parents, herself and her brother's two girlfriends - from photographs put onto disc by Mr Makram.

Mrs Porter, 75, of Burnley, said: "I was stunned when I found out about this and it is just incredible the way the bag has come to light.
"I just wish the bag had been found a few years earlier so that Alec could have been reunited with its contents.

"He would have been thrilled, if a little embarrassed about having had two girlfriends on the go." [Link, via Neatorama]

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