Friday, December 14, 2007

The War on Error

Regret the Error has posted a list of notable media errors and corrections of 2007, including these:

Most Delayed Correction
The New York Times:
A caption on June 8, 1944, with a photograph of Army officers at mess on the Pacific front, misspelled the given name of the first officer seated at the left side of the table. He was Col. Girard B. Troland of New London, Conn. – not Gerand. The error was called to the attention of the editors by his grandson yesterday.
The Trouble at Home Award
The Daily Miner and News (Kenora, Ontario):
Last week’s editorial had a major error in it that I must correct. I referred to my new granddaughter as three and one-half YEARS old. It should have read MONTHS old. Boy am I in trouble.


RegretTheError doesn't say, but the NYTimes correction was published on May 29


So, should we start going through old copies of the Times looking for errors to correct?

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