Sunday, December 02, 2007

You Won't Find Tooties Under the Floor

Scottish postmaster Jonathan Creed tore down a partition at his office and found a creepy message written behind.

Imitating an inscription more commonly found on a gravestone it read: "In loving memory of John Tooties Q.C. who died on the 12th Day of March. Foul Play Suspected. 1958. 4ft below he lies."

Jonathan found himself faced with the horrifying prospect that a murder had been committed, possibly on his premises, with the victim buried deep beneath his floorboards.
An investigation turned up the "victim": 70-year-old John "Tooties" Sutherland, who worked on a construction crew as a young man.
[O]ne of their favourite pastimes was to scrawl messages on plaster or walls which were going to be covered by wallpaper or partitions.

"We came across it all the time ourselves. We'd pull a wall away and shout: 'Hey! Look at this – so and so was working here in 1858' or some such date. We always found it very interesting and I suppose we learned from that," he says. [Link]

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